Shopit is Live πŸš€

Shopit is Live πŸš€

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**Hello πŸ‘‹, **

I will be sharing about a product that I've been building for months, to be precise 7 months.


It's been a hell of a journey; sleepless nights, debugging, coding, brainstorming, testing etc. and I'm glad to bring this to the limelight.

What is Shopit?

Shopit is an e-commerce platform that equips merchants with the efficient tools to thrive digitally.

Snippet Images

  • The Home Page

  • The Analytics Page

  • The Cart Page

Technology Used

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript(Jquery)

  • Python(Django)

  • PostgreSQL

  • Heroku

  • Paystack APIs

  • Flutterwave APIs

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

For more information

Beta Testing and Support

I had virtual calls with some techies(friends) at some point in time, I appreciate you all and those who volunteered as Beta testers for the product.

You can find some of the testers in this tweet

For feedback and support

You can reach out through:


I'm open to freelancing and job opportunities.

Thanks for readingπŸ™.